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The XRGB Mini (aka Framemeister) is an upscaler developed by Micomsoft in Japan. It supports upscaling content from composite, component (via D Terminal), HDMI, and RGB. RGB is the best video signal available for many older consoles, however most TVs these days can't properly handle the 240p signal they use. The XRGB Mini is designed to address that and is one of the best upscalers available for retro gaming due to its low input delay.


What's in the box

The Mini comes with the unit itself, a power supply, a mini-DIN to JP21 adaptor, a remote, and an SD card (used for firmware updates). If you need it to scale component input, you can also purchase a component to D Terminal adaptor, but it is not included with the Framemeister. It is important to note, though, that although the JP21 connector on the mini DIN adaptor looks just like a SCART socket, the pinout is completely different and plugging in a European SCART cable may damage your unit. In order to use Euro SCART cables, you can get a different mini DIN adaptor (Retro Access sells an excellent one that also includes a sync stripper) or a JP21 to SCART adaptor.


Inputs: Composite, D Terminal (component), S-video, HDMI, RGB
Output: HDMI
Power supply: 5V, 2.3A, center positive, 4.0/1.7mm barrel


Firmware Updates


US Power Supply
Retro Access's eBay shop for SCART cables and SCART adaptors

Where to buy

Solaris Japan