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The Sega Dreamcast was a console developed and produced by Sega.


Lots of :words: about the console.


Physical tech specs.


Programming / Hacking details.




If you tire of using a boot CD to launch non-native games there are a few ways of getting around this.

Reflashing the Dreamcast will change the region and video mode of your Dreamcast until you flash it again. The good thing about this is that you only need a soldering iron, some solder, a few strips of wire and burn a CD-R.

Replacing the bios, link83 hacked the bios and made it totally region free, the bios is available both with the Katana dev box boot screen and the standard Dreamcast one. This mod requires you to either desolder a SOP package mask rom replacing it with a new flash rom or piggybacking it on the old one. If you want to piggyback it you can flash the new chip via a special CD on your Dreamcast, if you opt to replace it you either need to buy a pre-burned chip or burn it yourself with a programmer. A compatible chip for VA1/2 Dreamcasts is 29LV160TMC-90. This can be a bit hard for beginners so you might need to send your console to someone reasonably competent.

You can install a mod chip in your Dreamcast though you need to turn the Dreamcast off every time you want to play a game from a different region.

Finally you can replace the GD-Rom with a GD-rom emulator. There are currently two different ones, the GD-emu and the USB-GDROM. Both these loads GD-ROM isos, the USB-GDROM states that it is region free.






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