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A Gamebit is a type of screw driver used to open consoles and game cartridges secured with a special type of torx screw.

4.5MM gamebit



These gamebits are used to open most Genesis carts and various video game systems.


These gamebits are used to open almost every NES carts, all SNES carts, all Nintendo 64 carts, all Virtua Boy games, and all Gameboy and Gameboy Color games.

Where to buy

Be careful when buying one, some gamebits are soft and will break after a handful of uses. Make sure you're buying cheap in price, not quality.

  • Kitsch-Bent sells them at a nice price. though he doesn't always manage to have both kinds in stock.
  • New Electronx sells good ones.
  • Racket Boy sells both types for a fairly reasonable price, and are made fairly strong.